Entertainment  activity for drawing and chess in Ein Issa camp

In collaboration with the camp administration, Bell organization seeks to entertain children and adults by opening courses in which to develop the abilities of children in drawing and adults in intelligence matters.

In Ain Issa camp there is a clear challenge to the circumstances. The children draw and challenge the hardships. They paint the hope on their leaves with colored pens. Each one tries to explain life as he sees it. They know only love and hope. Their role is to develop their talents but their talents are greater than the cycle of understanding young artists trying to present their societies with a better future.

The chess tournament is a semi-permanent course. It develops mental abilities. Chess is one of the games of intelligence. It is one of the games that develop mental abilities and raise the level of the human mind. The management of the camp with the Democratic Council of Syria has made raising the mental level of people its purpose. Is the ultimate goal, 30 players from the camp challenged the circumstances and began to develop their talent.


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