Find a field hospital for Daesh in the train street in Raqqa city   

During an inspection tour carried out by the Health Committee at Civil Council of Raqqa for health centers, with the aim of restoration and rehabilitation and to stand on the remaining of these centers after Daesh , found a field hospital on the train street.

Dr. Alaa Al-Mustafa, a member of the Health Committee of the Council, confirmed that through our tours and during our entry to the Syrian Red Crescent Hospital, which was following  the regime , we found a field hospital that was used by mercenaries to use totreat their injured persons in the train street..

Where we found two devices for dialysis. The mercenaries were transferred from the national hospital. These devices were among the most important devices in the eastern region where the mercenaries broke and destroyed them. We also found surgical towels for doctors, sterilizers, beds, ambulance organizations and electric shocks. Raqqa, who in turn transferred and returned to the National Hospital for maintenance work.



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