HomemanshetFind tunnels for Daesh in Markada town

Find tunnels for Daesh in Markada town

Syrian Democratic Forces fighters found tunnels dug by terrorists in the Markada town , which they used to hide from the strikes and shelling.

The fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated the area of ​​Markada on 9 November 2017 during Asefat AL-Jazeera campaign.

The fighters found tunnels for mercenaries, urging them to discover some of the bluffing dads and ways to mobilize their energies in ways that underscore the weakness of their military tactics.

And these tunnels had been Daesh dig it to be a refuge during the clash with the Syrian Democratic forces on the one hand, and a means of withdrawal and escape during the defeat on the other.

The tunnels were equipped with “electric cables, drilling tools inside and a cart to move the soil out of the tunnel, while tunnel nozzles were covered with fabric of soil color so as not to be distinguished.

In addition, the tunnels connect the neighborhoods in the area of ​​Markada with each other, while the depth of the tunnel about 30 meters underground, and thus decrease the amount of oxygen and high temperatures.



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