Graduation of the first cycle of literacy from the Center for Childhood Care in Al-Jarniya

A graduation ceremony was held today in Al-Jarniya area for the graduation of the first group of the literacy department in Al-Jarniya, where 42 children of Al-Jarniya were graduated after three months of training in reading, writing,

The ceremony was attended by parents of children and some civic activities in the town. The exhibition included an exhibition of paintings and drawings of the children who expressed their feelings of joy and joy. It also included a presentation of the popular heritage in the region.

Ahmed Jassim Al-Murad, Director of the Center for Childhood Care in Al-Jarniya said that the children were divided into three classes supervised by teachers specialized in the field of education. The result was that these children can write well and read texts easily

He pointed out that the children received psychological support through the organization of classes for music and drawing and competitions between children, sports and theater, and folklore.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first batch issued by the Center for Childhood Care in Jarniya and the second session will start this week, where more than 25 children have been registered for enrollment and registration is still open for students wishing to enroll in this center

Al-Murad pointed out that the Center has a Jawwal team that provides psychosocial support to children in seventeen schools from the rural areas of Raqqa and Al-Tabqa. 17,000 children benefit from psychological support.



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