Launching a new round of polio vaccination campaign in Raqqa City

The Health Office of Raqqa Civil Council  includes  a polio vaccination  campaign in Raqqa City  after its people returned and  the war was over and they city got rid of  terrorism to vaccinate children, protect them and prevent them from polio.

Dr. Firass Mamdouh Al-Fahd, head of the Health Bureau of the Civil Council, said that on 16|1|2018 they started a comprehensive vaccination campaign from a child was born today to five- aged child. The campaign is targeting about 180,000 children and 200000 doses were got for the Raqqa Children Campaign because there are more   100,000 people in the city.

The vaccine is now done in and out of the city and all these vaccines are given by mouth. This is the third round of the polio vaccine campaign with the support of the Civil Council. The duration of this campaign is five days. It started yesterday and it will end on 20/1/2018.

“We had two campaigns before this campaign and during next days and after finishing this campaign, we will start a campaign against measles.”

Al-Fahd pointed out that that is the first time they worked in Raqqa City after liberation and after the return of the people to it. He said that they also insisted with the people to make Raqqa City return to its natural health after the ISIS Era. He said” We would like to thank all the medical staff who made this round with us and we will be at the best of our people’s ‘ satisfaction.

Al-Mamdouh added: “We divided the medical team to fixed and roving sections starting from the eastern section to the western section and each section includes 5 volunteers. Now we are in the center of the Mashlab Neighborhood. We have placed a permanent vaccine center in Seif Al-Dawla and we centered roving teams inside and outside the city. We centered vaccine centres even in mosques to receive all children to immunize them from this disease.

This is the third time my children have had this vaccine,” said Fatima al-Khader from Raqqa. “Men and women regularly took their children under the age of five to get polio by mouth. Fatima praised the role of the roving vaccine teams and thanked them.

Al-Fahd appealed to the local people to cooperate with the medical teams to complete the vaccination process for their children to vaccinate them and to help them because they were deprived of 4 years of this vaccine because of the ISIS and asking them not to fear and if we had to enter the houses to complete the vaccine process.


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