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Meeting at the Women’s Council under the title of Cleanliness Title of Civilization

A meeting was held between the Local Administration Committee and the Women’s Council under the title of( Cleanliness title of Civilization) in the Women’s Council in Tabqa, to educate women about the importance of cleanliness, which is the cultural image of women

The meeting started with a minute of silence for the souls of Shahid. After that, Juhayna Al-Mesto, member of the Women’s Committee in Tabqa, and Mazkeen Abdel Aziz, member of the Women’s Council in the local administration,

Where she said that this meeting is an awareness meeting, that is to educate women about cleanliness and cleanliness, starting with the house and then the Komen and then society to reflect the civilized image of women, especially after this role was canceled during the reign of the region where the mirror was completely marginalized and seek to revive this role today under the rule of Democratic administration.

Then she talked about this meeting also, : as we are the management of local councils and the mirror office, we seek to promote the role of women in society, not only in cleanliness, but in all areas of service and functional life. This meeting comes within the framework of promoting society and giving a civilized image of Tabqa city. A civilized and tourist city at the same time.



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