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Meeting of clan elders to discuss the duty of self-defense in Tabqa city

Held today in the civil administration building of  Tabqa meeting of elders and clan elders to discuss and clarify the duty of self-defense, this meeting came at the invitation of the Public Relations Office of the Civil Administration of  Tabqa city.

The meeting was attended by Hamid Al-Faraj, the joint head of the civil administration, facilitation of pests and Asia Al-Enezi, the joint chair of the relations office, Mohammed Khalid, the joint chairman of the defense committee, and a number of elders and dignitaries of the western Rifqa countryside.

The meeting started with a minute of silence for Shahid souls. Then, Asia al-Enezi talked about the role of the tribes and their standing alongside the democratic forces of Syria, which are the forces of their subordination. No one can deny this role. We are here to encourage our youth and children to join the duty of self-defense. Some of us are more, and to create trust among everyone.

“We have established this duty to defend our land from any threat to our security and stability,” said Mohammed Khaled, the joint chairman of the Defense Committee

“Since the opening of the Self-Defense Duty Committee until now, we have granted 606 service books. We have established a facility to serve the self-defense duty (the student, the breadwinner, the only one). We have postponed it for three months to one year, Of facilities.

At the end of the meeting, Sheikh Hamed al-Faraj said that all tribal leaders and dignitaries were agreed to the duty of self-defense, and each sheikh pledged to direct their children to join the duty of self-defense.


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