Mohammed struggled to save his friend and lost his legs

The events witnessed by the Syrian people in the last seven years of migration and brutality and displacement from their homes throughout the Syrian governorates because of the revolution that has changed the Baathist regime on the one hand and successive terrorist campaigns on the other, which led to many problems.

Today, the fighter Muhammad Al-Tahir, born in Aleppo 1998, tells us the course of his life and suffering in the shadow of the revolution when he and his family fled from his city (Aleppo) to safe areas to escape terrorism and competing forces that do not feel the suffering of the people and their first and last gain battles regardless of human sacrifices. Taher joined the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces in late 2016.

He fled with his family to Tabqa city in 2013 because of the clashes between the Baathist regime and extremist groups and it was at the beginning of the establishment of the Daesh and working during the rule of urging the region to bring a living for his family and before the arrival of Syrian forces to the democratic Tabqa city fighter rushed to join the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces Liberate Tabqa and thinness from terrorism.

Raaqa city witnessed its bloody struggle to regain the land by blowing up two grenades with its three companions as it struggled to retrieve the body of the martyr Khalid Al-Alawi. This led to the martyrdom of his three companions with his loss (his legs), thus confirming his suicide spirit for his companions and homeland.

After the injury, he was taken to Kobani military hospital for treatment six months ago. Today, he is in the wounded house in Tabqa receiving medical treatment for his body.

Tahir appealed to everyone in his home to join the ranks of the Syrian forces to liberate their people from exploitation and slavery.



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