opening of a new intellectual course at the academy of Shahid Khaled Alioui in Tabqa

The Academy of Democratic Society in Tabqa  opened an intellectual course named after the martyrs of the resistance of Afrin and joined by 51 trainees from the city. The course will last for 29 days.

The trainees will receive moral political and intellectual lessons to learn about themselves, free minds from extremism and slavery, and create new individuals with free minds within a democratic society based on the foundations and philosophy of the democratic nation.

Training creates intellectual clarity and a conscientious spirit within the group to deepen social ties in the region.

The trainees will also receive lessons on the importance of the democratic nation, co-existence, the history of women and their role in society, culture, ethics, legitimate defense and governance in the democratic nation.

  The primary aim of these courses is to produce people who are able to manage in all institutions correctly.

It is worth mentioning that this phenomenon is new in a democratic society, which has been widely accepted by the society, where people of all ages have joined it and the Civil Administration is working to develop these academies to raise awareness among the people and to produce a society based on confederation and freedom of peoples.



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