HomedialogueOpening of the Transportation Directorate in Tabqa City

Opening of the Transportation Directorate in Tabqa City

The Civil Democratic Administration in Tabqa City opened the   Transportation Directorate of t, with the aim of organizing the city firstly from the security field by putting special signs belonging to the Transportation Directorate in Tabqa on each car in the city to facilitate the identification of exotic cars to prevent any terrorist act and to preserve the property of citizens.

The joint presidency of the Executive Council of Tabqa Region, Sheyar Mohammed and a number of joint presidencies of the Executive Council committees of Tabqa and a number of members of military and civil institutions attended. The opening ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs.

The joint presidency of the Internal Committee, Mazloum Omar, made a speech welcoming the guests and he noted that the Transportation Directorate in the north of Syria is one of the most important branches that maintain the security and rights of citizens in the region and thanked all those who contributed to the activation of this Directorate included staff and employees.

On behalf of the autonomy of the city and Zahra Arden said that they congratulated the opening of the Transportation Directorate for their people and they would build their future with the enthusiasm and determination of their youth and the wisdom of their elders to flourish in their country.  She blessed the martyrs assuring because of the martyrs’ bloods, there are achievements.

Then the spokeswoman of Relations Committee, Asia al-Maghrebe made a speech. She said that this step of success for Tabqa City and to achieve the interests of their people and the preservation of their rights .She promised that they would stand side by side with their people to resist and overcome the difficulties

Al-Maghrebe noted that they are continuing to move forward in the construction process and to progress in this city and all of Syria, and wished the success of this institution, which at the beginning of its work, it will face some difficulties and challenges. The city is full of cars that have no numbers and in addition to many problems the vehicle owners are facing. Thus reducing the burden on citizens The Directorate consists of 35 members divided into two committees and each committee has a different mechanism of action starting from the examination committee that checks the cars mechanically and then recording them and checking their papers by the check office in the Directorate and registering them in the bureau after giving them a sign with a serial number recorded in the records of the Directorate.


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