Our forces are attacking the Turkish occupation army and killing 6 Turkish soldiers

The Turkish army of aggression carried out an attack on Qustal hill. Our forces confronted him and returned him in his wake while the clashes continued in the vicinity of the hill

In Jandiers, the village of Hammam, the clashes are continuing and our forces are confronting the army of aggression

From the center of the area of Mabata, the village of Amara came under heavy attack by our forces and its response in the wake of clashes in the village of Amara, during which 24 soldiers of the Turkish army of aggression and his mercenaries were killed and battles are continuing in the vicinity of the village

At the Raju axis, the village of Quda, our forces carried out a qualitative operation that led to the destruction of armored vehicle carriers and killed six soldiers of the Turkish occupation army.



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