Our forces carry out a special operation

In the context of the qualitative and distinctive operations carried out by our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, one of our groups carried out a qualitative operation in the vicinity of Deir S’man, southeast of Afrin province, near the Shiroa area, against the soldiers of the Turkish invasion army and the terrorists of Jabhat AL-Nusra stationed there.

The operation began immediately after midnight (24/1/2018), where our combat group stunned the concentrations of the Turkish soldiers and the terrorist of Nusra, killing eight of them, we were not sure whether they were soldiers of the Turkish army or of the terrorists of the victory.

After the group carried out its mission withdrew from the vicinity of the castle and returned to the place of its main position without losses as the Turkish army artillery began to bomb randomly.

At the same time, the villages of the Raju district have been subjected to indiscriminate artillery shelling since after midnight.


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