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Popular Market of Markada from recession to recovery

Markada town is one of the oldest towns in Hasakah governorate and is about 80 km away from the center of the province. Its people are distinguished by their ancient history and their adherence to customs and traditions. Among these traditions is the popular market which provides all the daily necessities of the inhabitants of the town and neighboring villages.

The economy has passed through the period of terrorism in a state of stagnation and instability because of the suffering suffered by the people of the siege imposed on the town at that time, and the liberation of the markets began to move and recovery again, prompting the people of the market to reopen the market again.

This market is frequented by all the people of the town and its neighboring villages to meet their needs because of its symbolic prices and miscellaneous goods.

Mohammed Al Saleh, owner of one of the shops in the market, said that this market includes all their supplies of vegetables, clothes and other commodities. He also explained that the market is very popular by the people. They do not need to move from one place to another to meet their needs.

As one of the shoppers pointed out, after the liberation of the town from mercenaries, the opening of this market, which saved us a great deal of material because of its symbolic prices, also gave us the effort to find goods in other markets. We need this kind of market to cover our needs without going to the city It is a distance.



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