Projects, were completed and new projects in Tabqa

HOPE is one of the active organizations in Tabqa City where it began its work in the city on 6/6/2017 after obtaining a work permit from the Office of Organization Affairs in the Civil Council of Tabqa City.

Muhannad Ahmed, a member of HOPE (Safe Childhood Center), said that the organization has completed several projects in Tabqa City and it is in the process of launching new projects. The projects were carried out by the Organization:

The project removing landmarks of the ISIS from the city (i.e. removing blackness from the walls of buildings and the walls of schools and buildings).

The second project was drawing murals in various parts of the city within the project of beautification of the city, painting the main street in the city, distributing brochures about combating extremism, the role of women in society, warning of mines and the importance of education and hygiene.

The third project is the Safe Childhood Center, which is divided into three sections. The first is the psychological support for children aged 4 to 6 years, the second is removing unlearning from the age of 12 to 18 years, and the third is the roving team targeting far centers from the center in the countryside

The fourth project is the public cleanliness project in Tabqa City which started on 23/9/2017 and it will end on 23/12/2018. The contract will be renewed with the municipality of the city on 27/1/2018 for a period of three months with the expansion of this project to cover most areas of Tabqa City, The project employs more than 50 workers and supervisors, and a number of mechanisms such as tractors and trucks.

This project helps to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the city by working to transport all the waste out of the city daily and continuous basis. This work is done in coordination with the Municipality and in support of its efforts to preserve the cleanliness of the city.




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