Public Relations Office met with the elders and sheikhs of Hamra Ghannam Town in the countryside of Raqqa

The Public Relations Office of the SDF held a meeting today in Hamra Ghannam Town in the eastern suburb of Raqqa in the presence of elders and tribal dignitaries and the Ghannam Clan to discuss and solve the problems of the region from security and service problems

The meeting began with a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs. Then several issues were discussed.  The opinions of the sheikhs were heard and they talked about the political and security developments in the region and it was emphasized that the areas of the SDF will be protected by the efforts of our forces and stand by us to help defeat terrorism and aggression against our people and tampering with the security and stability of the region

Jia Qamishlo, an official in the Public Relations Office of the SDF , made a speech in which he stressed that  the SDF  has  a clear project that is the brotherhood of the people, not the partition or the building of a state as described by others. We will change the old concept and authoritarian concepts and getting rid of the stage of ignorance and to pass into the stage of awareness and democracy and the brotherhood of people and giving the idea to the people.  The Syrian people have the right to live in freedom and democracy, and Syria will live with our efforts and the efforts of our honorable people and we will stand by our people to the end.


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