Raqqa Civil Council follows the cleaning of neighborhoods from the effects of the war

Reconstruction Committee cleaned up the uninhabited neighborhoods, opened roads and removed obstacles in the main and secondary streets for the return of the residents to their neighborhoods after the cleaning process.

Two teams from Reconstruction Committee went to the sites to be cleaned. The work was divided into two teams: the first team from the beginning of Al-Quwatli Street to Bab Baghdad. The other team headed from the roundabout to the museum to meet the two teams at Saif Al-Dawla junction.

Upon completion of these neighborhoods, the teams will begin cleaning the Saif Al-Dawalah Street and the 23rd of February Street until Abu Al-Hayes intersection.

There is also a team working in Rumaila in the street Sakia cleaning neighborhoods and intersections in the main streets, a few days and finish cleaning the neighborhood Rumaila.



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