Raqqa Civil Council meets periodically with heads of councils and committees

Raqqa Civil Council held its regular meeting today with the heads of its councils and committees to discuss the work that they have undertaken in the future.

Where the meeting began to stand a minute of silence on the Souls of martyrs and then the political situation was discussed by Hassan Mohammed, a member of the political body in Syrian Democratic Council.

  Where Mohammed stressed that after the liberation of  Raqqa city and the end of the liberation of Deir al-Zor from terrorism all eyes went to the conference of Sochi and Geneva and there were European efforts to participate in the North Syrian in these conferences.

The Turkish intervention began in the city of Afrin under the pretext of protecting its borders, but Turkey’s goal is not to achieve democracy for fear of its reflection on it. Turkey tried through its mercenaries, urging in our regions, but it did not succeed and now it started to intervene under the pretext of protecting its borders

The names of the members of the Council and the administrative structure of Raqqa Civil Council and the draft rules of procedure of the Council were also read and discussed on the mechanism of the Council’s structure and future plans.



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