Reconstruction of the Asadiya bridge at the northern entrance of Raqqa

The construction of the bridge, located west of the Asadiya farm in the northern entrance to the city of Raqqa, was completed yesterday. The bridge is considered one of the important and vital bridges connecting the center of Raqqa city with its countryside.

The mechanism of determining the bridges to be built by the engineers of the Civil Council, who have completed a full study of the bridges that were destroyed during the combat operations with a crowbar and some bridges triggered by Daesh.

Today, 25-1-2018, the bridge will be opened by the Reconstruction Committee of the Civil Council after it is ready for work and the traffic of cars and trucks over it.

It is worth mentioning that this bridge is one of four bridges connecting the city’s countryside. The Al-Sabahiya bridge is equipped at the western entrance of the city. This bridge is the second in the plan to rebuild it.



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