HomedialogueRefining of primitive oil refineries between need and damage

Refining of primitive oil refineries between need and damage

What this ongoing war in Syria resulted to spreading the so-called arsenals (primitive refineries for refining oil) which spread widely especially in the eastern region, near the oil wells, and because of the lack of fuel and expensive prices. People resorted to them to provide the necessary fuel to operate the mechanisms and to meet their need for heating, for the operation of bakeries in their areas and other uses

The spread of this phenomenon is threatening the lives of many of its employees in the short and long term, and not only harm to those who work in this time bomb, but the damage exceeded to threaten entire communities. The spread of cancer and chronic bronchitis, asthma and deformity of fetuses and many other diseases in the areas of spread of burning.

The gas released from this burning can cause a suffocation of an employee that could lead to his death. The spread of carbon monoxide, arsenic gas and other toxic gases in the atmosphere causes these diseases.
Yasser Al Qasim, one of the owners of the burnings, said that at first they had to do work in the fire for a number of reasons, including the interruption of fuel and the lack of employment opportunities at the time and try to move away from the battlefield, but the damage of these time burnings began to fall on me at the present time I now suffer from cancer in lungs and I was burned several times. So, I advise everyone who works to keep away from them and leave them because symptoms will appear sooner or later.
Qasim appealed to the concerned parties to find a radical solution to address this phenomenon before it gets worse and goes beyond these.


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