Remove the rubble from the 23 Shubat Street in Raqqa

23 Shubat (February) street was completely cleared of rubble by the Early Intervention Organization in coordination with the Services Committee at Raqqa Civil Council , which was full of obstacles as a result of the war that took place against Daesh in this street.

 This street is considered one of the main streets in the city, as it reaches the east of the city to its west. This street is of great importance to the people of Raqqa city, which is the largest gathering of shops of all kinds.

The center of Raqqa city ,also the intersection of Tal Abyad Street and Saif AL-Dawla Street, Al-Wadi Street and Al-Mansour Street, the main streets of the city.

The length of the street is approximately 2500 m, which runs between the archaeological wall in the east and the Al-Rashid Park in the west.

In spite of the destruction on the street, the people are returning to building shops to restore life and continue their lives as they were before.


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