Rumaila district .. After months of liberation

Al-Rumaila neighborhood (Tishreen district) is located in the north-east of Raqqa city the capital of Raqqa because of its geographical area and density. It is one of the largest neighborhoods of Raqqa. It is a small town stretching from the corner of Hittin School to Ismail Baqir School, To the train and from the last industry to the east to Tel Al-Bayad North, where the establishment of the beginning of the seventies of the last century, and all the elements of social life and a large population.

 It is estimated that the population of the neighborhood is currently estimated at more than 10,000 people with large markets. Four popular commercial markets serving the neighborhood, including the markets of iron, cement, wood, feed, agricultural crops and sheep market. The last neighborhood from the north east and the neighborhood is served by wide roads and wide motorways. Of the bread is working to open more furnaces due to the return of more residents of the neighborhood and the youth housing from the south-east and many schools for all stages, which is working on the processing and rehabilitation.

Most of the neighborhood’s residents are from the rural areas of Raqqa and the Kurds, from the Aleppo countryside and the city’s residents. Most of the residents are doctors, engineers, lawyers and teachers.

Today, most of the residents of the neighborhood have returned to their lives and the work is being done collectively by the people in this neighborhood for cleaning and reconstruction, since this neighborhood is less harmful than other neighborhoods.

The city council works to rehabilitate infrastructure and rehabilitate service facilities such as roads, sewage, water and electricity networks, and removal of earthmounds and rubble.

It is worth mentioning that the cleaning operations are moving unexpectedly fast due to the participation of the people in the cleaning operations.

In an interview with some parents, their only hope was that life would return to all the neighborhoods of Raqqa, like the neighboring neighborhoods of Mashlab and Rumaila, and our good people would return to their homes.



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