SDF carry out special militart operations in Shahba

In reaction to the aggression by the Turkish army on the province of Afrin and the Syrian north, the combat units of our forces, the Syrian Democratic forces carried out specific operations targeted points of concentration of the Turkish army and allied extremist factions and inflicted losses in equipment and apparatus.

One of our combat units targeted a Turkish forces center in Al-Shahba area near the town of Mara at 2 am yesterday (23/1/2018) following a successful infiltration operation. At least three elements were killed and several others were injured without being identified. The dead or wounded were Turkish soldiers or members of extremist factions. In addition, a military vehicle loaded with a Dushka submachine gun was destroyed.

In the center of the village of Kuljabreen, our forces carried heavy weapons against two Turkish army posts, one in the vicinity of Kuljabreen and the other in the vicinity of Kafr Khashr village. Our firecrackers suffered precise casualties and caused material damage to the two centers. Our sources confirmed casualties in both centers.

In a well-ordered operation, one of our groups carried out an ambush in the rear lines of the terrorists of the Euphrates shield between the villages of Abla and Hazwan, and a group of them ambushed their vehicle and killed them.

Our forces also carried heavy machine-gun fire at a Turkish army post in the vicinity of Tal Maled village, causing direct casualties.

Our forces targeted a group of terrorists of Dera Euphrates in the village of Susian and sustained direct injuries.

These qualitative operations carried out by our forces in Shahba in response to the Turkish aggression and its allies of the radical Islamic factions, and will increase its pace with the increasing brutality of the Turkish invasion.



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