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SDF is saving people from the slave market

On August 3, 2014, a terrorist perpetuated large massacres against The Yezidi in Shankal through mass massacres, abuse and selling them in the markets. Hundreds of families were lost from that date and no one knows their fate to this day.

The 12-year-old boy Amin is a Kurd who was kidnapped by a mercenary four years ago. He was educated in their Islamic curriculum, which has nothing to do with religion. His name was changed from Amin to Abd Allah. In addition to his Arabization, he forgot his mother tongue and learned classical Arabic.

Where he changed the features of his childhood innocent and converted to the features of evil see only bloodshed through training in legitimate and military courses for young children called the so-called Ashbal al- Caliphs.  they learn him on the arms and blood pools and wars this child from childhood and peace and schools so that he was evading the The camera while taking pictures is sometimes shy and angry at other times.

Garib Hauso the joint presidency of public relations in the Syrian Democratic Council stressed that thanks to the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the child was freed from the grip of Daesh in the city of Albu-Kamal and handed over to the office of public relations in the Syrian Democratic Council, who handed him to the House of Yazidi in the province of AL-Jazeera to be delivered to his family in Shankal after undergoing rehabilitation from the organizations concerned with childhood and child protection.

Hassou stressed that the effects on the features of the child Amin indicates that he forgot everything about his family and world and language and was practicing all the tricks to attract them to their ranks, making religion a cover for them.

He added that the international community and humanitarian organizations must be pressured to find a solution to this dilemma that has afflicted children. Unfortunately, all these pressures have not been implemented..

“There are many missing children and we must move and work to get them out of the hands of mercenaries before it is too late and before they become an obstacle to the forces defending their freedom,” said Sulaiman Basho, a member of the Izidi House in the island province.

A letter of thanks was sent from the Yazidi House in Al Jazeera to SDF for their high efforts, to defend the oppressed and to rid the Syrian north of the filth of terrorism.



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