Shahid Abdullah mother : We are ready to give everything precious for the homeland

Because their wounds are a sacrifice for us, and because their sacrifice is priceless, it was our duty to value their efforts to live in peace

Shahid Abdullah Ahmad Al-Mughalaj is a 19-year-old resident of the town of Tabqa. He studied at the Fayez Mansur School in Tabqa city. When the events of Raqqa city began, he left school and worked in a shop for Arab and Western sweets

When the battle for the liberation Tabqa and its countryside began, on 1/5/2017, he joined the armed revolutionary struggle and became the commander of a breakout battalion. He fought several battles (Tabqa, Mansoura, Dam, Kasra and Retla). When the Syrian Democratic Forces arrived in the village of Retala, Daesh snipe killed him after he detonated a bomb and killed thirteen elements of SDF.

Shahid Abdullah mother confirmed that the institution of martyrs’ families provided material and moral support. I am happy with his martyrdom. I hope that Allah will honor the Shahid  and all Shahid with his mercy. I am ready to offer myself and my children a sacrifice for this homeland.


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