Start pumping drinking water for Raqqa and its countryside from AL-Kasrat main station

The pumping station is a places that includes pumps and equipment to pump water from one place to another through a variety of infrastructure systems such as water supply to channels, drainage of lowlands, removal of sewage and transfer to treatment materials.

Abdo Abdul Qader, head of Raqqa Water Treatment Plant, confirmed that the water pumping station in Raqqa city is the main pump supplying the city and its countryside with water, which was operated four months ago.

Abdul Qadir pointed out that there are 9 wells in the pump, each with three pumps and the irrigation wells that feed the water tanks. The pump operates daily for five hours, each pumping 1000 cubic meters. There are four direct wells for the city. Each pump gives 500 cubic meters per hour .

Abdul Qader said that there are currently 15 pumps ready to work but we have operated 7 pumps, since the city line is still not qualified and pump pump on the area of ​​the Kasrat – Rtala –Fqayqa-  Ouja  almost feed 12 villages As for the city has two lines 800 there is one The second is under repair.

We also received full support from the Civil Council, which in turn supplied us with diesel fuel. The generator was burned at 200 liters, about 5 barrels per day, and we operated the slaughterhouse which feeds the whole village of Hamrat. There is water in the district of Mashbal.

Al-‘Abdu pointed out that for about a month, we had repaired and rehabilitated Al-Akirishi water station and completed its maintenance work in full. It was operated on 15/1/2017 and is now fully operational and nourishes Al-Akirishi,.



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