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Start the first quarterly exam in Tabqa  city and its countryside

The Education Committee at Civil Democratic Administration for Tabqa announced the start of the first semester examination for year 2017-2018 in all primary and junior high schools.

Where the exams began this morning after completing all the necessary preparations and printing the questions of the first quarterly exam and distributed to the schools, which numbered inTabqa and rural areas 178 schools, including 12 preparatory and will end the exam on 15/1/2018

As for the number of students who began the examinations in Tabqa and in it reached 51140 students enrolled in the Education Committee and supervises the exams, in addition to the Education Committee, the teachers, who numbered 1625 teachers.

The aim of this exam is to measure the outcome of students’ cognitive achievement and to measure the ability of teachers to communicate information correctly to pupils.

And began the examination process without any difficulties amid the joy of students and the success of teachers and the success of the educational process in achieving its goals of eradicating illiteracy in this region, where schools have been idle for more than three years ago.

It is worth mentioning that the Education Committee has made great efforts to open schools and organize them and provide them with all the requirements. It also held training sessions for teachers on the methods of teaching and how to deal with students to get the information to them properly.


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