HomemanshetStatement to public opinion

Statement to public opinion

After the war against a terrorist organization was nearing the end, the hopes of a democratic solution began, and the actual discussions began to discuss the mechanism and means of resolving and seeking stability in Syria, the Turkish authorities began to use the Turkish army in a war of aggression against our people in Afrin targeting the civilian neighborhoods And to provide a new opportunity for life to organize a terrorist advocate.

Afrin city  has been the pre-eminent in the fight against terrorism everywhere in northern Syria and sacrificed the finest of its sons to defeat  Daesh over the past years, and it was the city that received tens of thousands of displaced from different cities and regions of Syria who fled from the war  scourge , we in the People’s Protection Units (YPG), assure the public that we have no choice but to resist. As we have started and won this resistance, we continue our society and military forces as an inseparable part of our lives. , We have a strong grip, and we will defeat this aggression as well as defeat others And in the spirit of the heroic resistance of our great martyrs, we call on the youth of the sons and daughters of our people in the north of Syria in general and Afrin to join our ranks and stand united in confronting this brutal aggression and protecting Afrin from this savage invasion,

We also appeal to the world public opinion to express a firm stance towards this barbaric aggression against our people in Afrin by the Turkish occupation army.

General Command of People’s Protection Units YPG YPG


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