HomemanshetStatement to public opinion

Statement to public opinion

At the time we hoped that the next phase would be a stage of peace and brotherhood and a solution to the Syrian crisis, especially after the victories achieved by the Syrian Democratic Forces against Daesh we see that Turkey is working again on playing cards, spreading wars, escalating the crisis in Syria and obstructing international efforts aimed at Of peace.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Turkey has been trying to achieve its old colonial dreams in Syria. The democratic project that started in the north of Syria is frightening Turkey, and it is afraid of its contagion, which has led to confusion in its policy. Turkey will pay its price dearly. Afrin is a threat to the entire Syrian territory. What Turkey is doing is a crime against humanity.

We at the Women’s Council of the Syrian Democratic Council condemn and condemn in the strongest terms the aggression of the Turkish tyrant on our Syrian territory.

We also call upon the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and condemn this aggression and to intervene swiftly to put an end to the inhuman and ethical practices of fascism in Turkey.

Women’s Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council



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