Summary of combat activities on Friday 26/1/2018

Shira township:  In the morning hours, the aircraft bombarded Mount Paflun, followed by artillery shelling on the entire axis of the seam lines on that axis. Clashes broke out between the fighters and soldiers of the Turkish invasion army, resulting in the destruction of a military vehicle and the killing of two soldiers. In the afternoon, the invading forces returned to Qustal hill Baflun and Diqmdash with artillery shells, followed by an attempt to advance towards Qustal hill. Our forces confronted them and clashed with the attackers and returned them in the wake of their loss of life and death of 15 . And destruction of a BMB transport vehicle.

In Ain Dukna and Kafr Khashr Kalgabreen areas of Shahba province, our troops targeted the Turkish invasion army with heavy weapons and caused direct hits.

In the area of Chia: Turkish aircraft flew in the vicinity of the invasion and bombed the perimeter of the hill town, as well as bombed the village of Jqla, and our forces carried out a qualitative process by infiltrating the fortifications of the invaders and clashed with them in their convoy and killed two soldiers.

In Raju district: In the afternoon, the invasion forces attempted to advance and were ambushed by our forces, destroying a tank and killing them. Similarly, our forces shot down two reconnaissance planes in the village of Adama, while Rajo was attacked by artillery in the evening.

  In the area of Balblah Turkish aircraft flew in the atmosphere of the region and targeted the shelling surrounding the village of Shikraza and village of Tubal, in Jenders, the town has again become a target of artillery shelling, and bombed the aircrafts village of Ghazawiya three raids.



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