The artillery of the Turkish occupation army targets the Jondiers and Rajo area with dozens of missiles

The artillery of the Turkish occupation army has targeted the hills surrounding the Raju area and villages in the Jendiers district of Afrin province since this morning. Several shells fired by Turkish army artillery landed at a bridge in the hills surrounding the area.

me time, Turkish artillery shelled the vicinity of Qara Baba village, Kam Rasha village, Khashrka bridge, the vicinity of the village of Hobka and the hills around Raju district center, without any reports of human casualties

For its part, the people’s protection units responded immediately to the sources of the shelling, and the bombing continues until the preparation of this news.

On the other hand, the Turkish occupation army shelled the village of Khalil and Haj Hassan in the vicinity of Shaya in the area of ​​Jendiris in Afrin province, from the post on the border fence opposite Shaya.


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