HomedialogueThe Bedouin neighborhood in Raqqa is an ancient name in a simple lane

The Bedouin neighborhood in Raqqa is an ancient name in a simple lane

The neighborhoods and alleys of Raqqa city have a lot of  stories. Each neighborhood is an integrated social unit. It is a mini-city, whose people live as one family in good and bad. The Bedouins  neighborhood  is one of them who have the details and ramifications of everyday life.

This neighborhood is famous for the generosity of its people, who are well-known Bedouin. They are a source of interest and excitement for everyone who lived in the city.

The Bedouin Quarter is located in the north-west of  Raqqa city and is one of the largest neighborhoods of Raqqa. It is bordered to the west by the Black Stadium and to the east and north by the train road. It extends southward to Al-Dala squaer. It was built 45 years ago. The Bedouin neighborhood is characterized by narrow intertwined.

where there is a mosque called Al-Hamzah Mosque, which is frequented by many of the people of the neighboring neighborhoods of the Bedouins. It has four schools and a kindergarten for children.

The Bedouins were named after the Bedouins, who were originally Bedouins, such as fennel, goat, and fadan. It was said that a nomadic man lived in the Gulf and came to live there. He bought a piece of land and built the first houses of this house.

The current population of the tribal mixture in Raqqa as the tribes of Sakhni, Bosaria, Jis and the indigenous Bedouins, with a population of about 5000 people.

We are told by Thaer Abu Jouhar, who is one of the people of this neighborhood, that  Daesh has detained the remaining people of Raqqa who could not escape his grip in this neighborhood, taking them from all the alleys of Raqqa and bringing them down to the Bedouin neighborhood.

After the Daesh  seized the houses of civilians who escaped from his grip, and also dug wells for water in this neighborhood and many tunnels, and the Bedouin is the last warm liberated from the grip of the terrorist calling by SDF, and still retain the wounds left by the organization before the defeat.


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