The Education Committee in Tabqa city completes its preparations for the commencement of the first quarterly examination

The Education Committee in the Department of the Democratic Tabqa  City continues to make efforts to ensure the continuation of the educational process and its success to achieve its goals in eradicating illiteracy and educating children and enlightening them because they are the generation of the future and the future of this country.

Mohammed Al-Nayef, member of the Joint Presidency of the Education Committee, said that the final examination of the placement of the first quarterly exam questions is being finalized and printed for distribution to the 178 schools, of which 12 are preparatory and the school is ready to begin the exam on 7/1/2018 to 15/1/2018.

The number of students enrolled in the Education Committee in Tabqa and 51140 students and the number of teachers 1625 teachersً.

Al-Nayef confirmed that five schools in Tabqa city have been totally rehabilitated. They are Al-Jahez, Al-Snubri, Al-Kandai, Fayez Mansour and Al-Qadissiya. We also have a project to rehabilitate Ibn Zaydoun School, and we are currently working on solving the problem of heating in schools and distributing heaters to other schools. during the next week.

The curriculum of the island province will also be discussed in the coming days and, if agreed upon, will be implemented in the next school year after the necessary amendment has been made.

In the period of recess, which will begin after the end of the examinations, courses that re-trained and rehabilitated the teachers, including learning about the teaching methods, the internal system and the methods of communicating the information to develop the educational process.



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