The Employment Office in Raqqa completes the reception of employment applications

Raqqa city is an effective governorate, whose youth are spread throughout the Syrian governorates because they are a great source of labor and craftsmanship. Many of them have special qualifications and expertise, including a large number of scientific qualifications.

This is true before the outbreak of war in the city, but today the situation is quite different, most of these employees, workers and craftsmen returned to the city, and in a visit to the operating office in Raqqa Buthaina Abdullah Mohammed, To open jobs for young men, women and men of all age groups from the city of Raqqa and the sons of other governorates who have been displaced from their cities because of the war, from 12/1/2018 and continue to apply until 22 /1-2108

She confirmed that 1800 applicants have been selected through a competition conducted by the Employment Office to check the potential of applicants. They will be distributed to the offices of the Civil Council and the contestants are all holders of different degrees such as engineering, law, education, institutes and also those who do not have certificates but have the practical experience that qualifies them To work in various areas.

The competition begins to select the people of expertise and certificates required on 25/1/2018 within the halls equipped and its server all the requirements under the auspices of  Raqqa Civil Council.

She urged young people outside the province of Raqqa in the Diaspora to return to their city of Raqqa  and participate in the reconstruction of the new paper needs the arms of their youth  in these difficult times experienced by.


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