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The first Friday prayer at Al Furqan Mosque in Tabqa city

On Friday, Al-Furqan mosque witnessed a crowd of people from Tabqa city performing Friday prayers for the first time after a renovation campaign carried out by the city’s religious affairs institution.

The mosque witnessed a crowd of worshipers who praised the Foundation’s efforts to rehabilitate and build houses of worship, especially after systematic sabotage by the terrorist groups that caused corruption in the city and took mosques to impose their ideological ideas, exploiting their religious feelings and disguised as the cloak of Islam.

The preacher of Al-Furqan Mosque Sheikh Mohammed Al-Saeed stressed during his Friday sermon that he should stand united in the face of anyone who tries to create strife between the components of the Syrian people.

Khatib(preacher) pointed to the role of the religious institution in re-creating the spirit of cooperation and cooperation to promote society and make it a strong and cohesive society.

After the liberation of the city on 10 May by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the city witnessed the voluntary return of citizens to the mosques and the free exercise of their religious rites.


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