The formation of komin sectors in Mashlab neighborhood in Raqqa city

Raqqa Civil Council in cooperation with Syrian Democratic Council formed Komin(The person who organize the affairs of the neighborhood)  sectors in the district of Mashlab at Raqqa city in order to help citizens to conduct their affairs

A joint committee was formed by the Council of Civil Tender and the Council of Democratic Syria to organize and form the Komin in Raqqa, since the community and houses in the city of Raqqa have been subject to large destruction up to 80%

Jamil Hajo, member of the Joint Committee, said: “All the civilians have been displaced in Raqqa because of the war, but after the return of the citizens to the city they need to organize and provide services and in order to do these services we must form and organize within the city’s Komin.

Hajo spoke about the concept and work of the communes, saying: Some other components have a minority in the Comin, our philosophy indicates that citizens of all components within the formation of the Komin Arabs, Kurds, Armen and Circassians, we do not care which sect, it is important to be a measure of responsibility

 The formation of the Komin is done through the election of two persons to head the Komen, a man and a woman. After forming the Komen, he shall form committees such as the reconciliation committee, the social committee, the protection committee, the women committee and other committees.

Hajo said: “The queens are now named on the names of martyrs. For example, we named the Qumin in the fourth sector in the Mashlab district, the proportion of the martyr Musab Ibrahim, who was martyred in the neighborhood and work is under way to form other Komin in all neighborhoods of Raqqa city.



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