The Minaret of Umm al-Mu’mineen Aisha Mosque, in Al-Mashlaab attests the Word of Truth among the ruins of war

Umm al-Mu’mineen Aisha Mosque, located in the Mashlab district, which was once under the control of Daesh, is returning to receive the prayers after a break of several months because of the war against the daesh.

Where the first mosque to raise the ears after the demise of mercenaries from Raqqa thanks to SDF and thanks to Raqqa Civil  Council, which cleaned the neighborhood of mines and earth barriers to come back to life again.

Deash forced people to pray and hated them to come to pray in it, so that some people come without purity and light

In an interview with the preacher and imam of the mosque Sheikh Ahmed Snow told us that the time of mercenaries urging can not write a sermon on Friday on the path of legitimate study, and once gave a sermon written by himself and the mercenaries expelled from the mosque, and the sermon, which is not supplication to Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi They were put imam at jail and 70 lashes and he is expelled from the mosque.

“I was one of the first to return to the mosque. I cleaned the mosque and raised the ears. This mosque is the first mosque in Raqqa to raise the ears after liberation and the worshipers come to the mosque without coercion and coercion.”

We also met Ali Faraj, one of the worshipers, where his house is located opposite the mosque where he said: “During the period of control of Daesh, prayer was conducted forcibly and raping and beatings and intimidation, but now it is very different prayer is based on the desire of the heart and full of the will of the individual and not forced.

I was praying in my house, and I kept my children away from the mosques, fearing that their terrorist ideology might affect them. .

The religion of mercy and tolerance, the religion of love and brotherhood among peoples, and not the religion of penance, intimidation and murder, as it was a promoter promotes and tries to sow him.



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