The Office of Relations in SDF and the Defense Committee meets with the residents of Sarrin

In cooperation between the Office of Public Relations of the SDF in Sarrin with the Defense Body in Kobane Canton, a meeting was held in the Culture Center in Sarrin with the people of Sarrin Region and its countryside. The meeting began with a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs ‘lives. Aziz Ahmed, a member of the Relations Office in Sarrin, spoke about the strong determination and good manners of the fighters of the SDF.

The manners were derived from the notion of the democratic nation and brotherhood of people. He urged the attendees to make their sons join the ranks of our forces and the ranks of honor and dignity, which will be the nucleus of the Syrian national army to protect our liberated areas from terror and tyranny because of sacrifices that our martyrs served to make this land safe and peaceful. The Syrian forces that will defend their decentralized federal project in all of Syria and Syria for all its peoples and for all ethnic and religious components and not be divided.

Al-Ahmad also pointed out that the Turkish threats to our regions, especially Afrin, will not make us leave our project. Afrin will be a graveyard for Erdogan’s dreams and his army as Kobane was a cemetery for Erdogan’s mercenaries. He also assured that Afrin is like Kobane and Sarrin and attack it is like attack against every Syrian citizen especially the people in the Northern Syria.

Saleh Rasool, the official of the General Directorate of the duty of Self-Defense, explained the new laws and decisions about the duty of Self-Defense and urged the attendees to send their children to perform this duty. Attendees’ questions were answered and their suggestions were discussed.


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