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The reconstruction committee is discussing the rehabilitation of bridges with the international coalition

The Reconstruction Committee of the Civil Council of Raqqa held a meeting with engineers and technicians of the International Coalition forces to study the issue of repair, restoration and construction of bridges destroyed by the battles that took place in the city

The engineer, Nazmi Mohammed, the team leader in the reconstruction committee, said that a meeting was held with the engineers and the committee of technical services of the International Coalition to discuss the restoration of the destroyed bridges. He said that there will be coordination between them to do studies on the number of bridges and the possibility of restoration according to their importance

Nazmi said that currently an iron bridge was built a week ago in Hawi al-Hawa Village. We also presented a preliminary study on the important bridges destroyed for reconstruction. It was agreed to build a pre-built bridge between the Khattouniya and the Salhabiya

Nazmi added that we have reported the need for bridges of reinforced concrete because the iron bridges are of one way, causing great traffic. They informed us that the current possibilities available to us are only pre-made iron bridges, but the discussion of this possibility will be discussed later.
It is noteworthy that Nazmi will take a comprehensive tour of the bridges and give them a complete study of their construction, especially the new bridge of Raqqa. Currently, we will build temporary earth bridges until the construction teams arrive, while the old bridge of Raqqa is completely out of service and cannot be built as an old one.
Nazmi concluded that the new bridge has the potential to be repaired. Currently, we have informed the Demining Committee to begin under the bridge and around it. Of course we gave them a comprehensive study of the bridge load and preventing heavy vehicles from passing over it.


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