The Turkish state deceives its people and misleads public opinion

As part of the campaign of lies led directly by the Turkish state in parallel with its brutal invasion against our people in Afrin, some Turkish media have promoted that the Turkish army and its allied extremist factions have taken over Qustal hill again after having falsely claimed at the beginning of its invasion the same allegation.

These lies promoted by the Turkish media to cover up his inability to make progress, and his desperate attempt to escape forward are once again one of the signs of Turkey’s early defeat.

The video attached to this illustration was filmed on Qustal hill in the pre-sunset hours, confirming that our forces were protecting the lines of contact and the invaders were retreating after an invasion.

We confirm in the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces that the hill of Qustal is disobedient to the Turkish invasion army and this video is proof of what we say, if the Turkish invaders and the victory front are honest, let them come to the press where they claim to have taken control.

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