The views of Ain Issa residents and its camp regarding the Turkish aggression on Afrin

Almost a week has passed since the terrorist attacks on Afrin, whose named his aggression the olive branch he is not aware that every branch is an avid fighter to defend Afrin. Statements and positions have multiplied and the conspiracies against the people of northern Syria have increased.

During a tour of the town of Ain Issa and its camp, which includes approximately 3,400 families from different regions and governorates of Syria, who expressed their views on the Turkish aggression and his mercenaries on Afrin, said Fahd AL-Ayed, a pharmacist from Tal  Abiyd and resident of Ain Issa: Certainly what happens in Afrin is never acceptable This is a blatant aggression against the Syrian soil and a violation of international laws and norms, and it is only a conspiracy against the people of northern Syria in its various components, because we were the ideal model for the joint living and democracy that the aggressors lack.

“We condemn the Turkish terror attack and call upon the international community to intervene to prevent aggression and terrorist attacks by Turkey and its mercenaries on Afrin, the city of peace and love, and what happens in it is unacceptable in any form, In which the great powers in general and Russia in particular will be held assume its responsibilities” said Ahmed Haj Rahim. One of the displaced people of Raqqa in the Ein Isa camp.

Aboud al-Hamoud, one of the displaced people of Raqqa, said: “We are all with Afrin, with all its components, and Turkey is not doing anything new. It supported the support and allowed the passage of terrorists and their easy passage and support and even bought them oil across the border. The Cuban war is the best proof of coordination and cooperation between Turkey and The border crossing, but not the threshold of them, terrorism remains terrorism even if it has passed for a long time, the threshold on the so-called Deraa  Euphrates and sold themselves and became a chess stone, but Turkey is driven to die here and there and the killing of the Syrian people are not Syrians and Syria does not supervise these .Whoever fights his brothers in dust will sell his homeland at the cheapest price.

Thus, the people of Ain Issa and its camp, with its various components and spectra, turned on the terror of the fascist Turkish state on Afrin, love and peace, their solidarity and their stand with it, and their assertion that nothing would separate them.



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