The wounded house inTabqa provides health care to a number of fighters

Dar Al-Jarghi seeks to provide material and moral assistance to the fighters who have been injured in the battle for land and supply through providing health care and meeting their requirements.

On a visit the media center on the house, we met the official of the house and a number of fighters who receive medical attention.

Akid Qamishlou, the official of the house, confirmed that they provide medical and medical services to a number of fighters since the establishment of the house four months ago.

Akaid continued to provide all medical services and care for the wounded. This care is a small token of the fighters’ contribution to the freedom of their people. This house became their second home. After the fighters came to recover, they chose to stay or return to their homes.

Ammar Mohammed, a native of Raqqa, confirmed that he had joined the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces for 10 months. He participated in the campaign of Qazap Euphrates in Raqqa city and Tabqa, as well as on the front lines of the city of Raqqa and during his incursion with his comrades. Was injured in the leg and was injured by shrapnel in the abdomen.

Hussain Hammoud, born in Raqqa 1990, one of the wounded fighters, struggled for the freedom of his people by his spirit and body. During the battles of Raqqa city , Hussein received a sniper in his leg, cutting off the main artery in his leg and unable to move. He receives treatment at the house of the wound with his companions.

At the end of their conversation, Akeid said that they seek day and night to provide adequate rest for the wounded and to meet all medical and service requirements. He sent a letter to each injured person in his house to go to the wounded house for treatment to provide all the assistance to him.


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