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Those who are looking for work sit in public squar

On the road, in the public squares of cities and towns, men and boys stand with their heads, not wearing anything but a living, men and boys who depend on their physical structure, struggling in the cold weather in winter and under the sun in summer.

In Ain Issa city, we often see men, standing in the squares or sitting on the public sidewalks waiting for a person or car to stand outside or inside the city, sometimes destroying a damaged house and transporting goods or furniture to a house or Another job, at a price that is perhaps the cheapest among all categories of work in order to secure the living and the lives of his children.

This is one of the most laborious tasks of the body and mind. They carry heavier weights than their weight, and some people often consider this work to be a reduction of one’s dignity and an insult to them.

And find some of the unscrupulous exploit their effort and work with little pay and look to those helpless with a view of slavery and reduced thinking that work and poverty is defective but what is wrong only in their minds, although difficult to work, but these men and boys steel will not be discouraged.

Maaz is one of those waiting for work with his father to help him secure the livelihood of this family of eight, the largest of them.

This is the case for many who are driven by poverty and the exorbitant price of living, which is now closely related to the dollar’s falling price, and another rise that has led them to such hard work.


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