To the media and public opinion

The Turkish state began with public cooperation with Jabhat AL-Nusra and the extremist factions, which have an open war against our people in Afrin. It started at 16:00 on Saturday, 20/1/2018, using all the military arsenal of the Turkish Army, land and air, Artillery and armored vehicles, to bomb our villages and populated towns and civilians displaced from various areas of Syria, causing damage and destruction to our villages and cities and behind the victims of civilians, mostly children and women. The aggression continues before the eyes of the world and hit the lowest human rights standards without any movement.

We consider these attacks to be a complement to the previous terrorist attacks against our people, which were a Daesh its climax. Therefore, Turkey is trying to inject life into the body of this organization, which has been destroyed by the campaigns launched by our forces against it in all its strongholds.

In the face of this aggression, our forces have not ceased to stand idly by, but are engaged in an honorable defense against this barbarity and carry out their duties with the utmost courage and heroism, taking the spirit of sacrifice and redemption to protect our people and our people in Afrin from the invasion of the Turkish army and Jabhat AL-Nusra . With all its military and technical capabilities, using the weapons of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the German tanks and tanks to exterminate our people, but failed to achieve any real military victory on the ground and suffered heavy losses in equipment and equipment in the clashes lasted a week, unless the Turkish army considered the killing of childrenAnd women are a victory, it has already committed more than a massacre of children and women in Afrin.

The Turkish aggression was not limited to the Afrin district, but included the provinces of Kubani and al-Jazeera where the aggression led to

First: Afrin

The shelling of the artillery and the mortar 699 shells

Air Attacks 191 sorties

Helicopter attack, one sortie

The flight of the reconnaissance aircraft is constantly on the clock

Direct clashes 136 clashes

(308) elements of the various forces attacked, including (4) officers and the commander of the so-called Samarkand brigade called Ahmed Fayez, and two wounded, the bodies of four soldiers were killed in the hands of our forces

Our forces seized arms, ammunition and military documents

A number of armored military vehicles were destroyed, including four Akrab vehicles, four armored armored personnel carriers, a four-wheel-drive vehicle with a Dushka submachine gun, a tractor, and two tanks, a bulldozer and a vehicle (BMB)

The clashes, whose results were not confirmed, were seven clashes

We have (43) Shahid among our forces, including (8) fighters from women’s protection units (YPJ)

We have 134 wounded civilians and 59 civilian Shahid

Second: Manbij

There was a single provocation attempt by the Turkish extremist factions, and they used Dushka weapons to bomb the seam lines

Third: Kubani

Turkey launched three heavy-weapon attacks on the village of Zour Maghar and used guns, mortars and Dushka weapons

Fourth: The province of Jazeera 

Turkey used tanks, guns and mortars to shell residential areas. Nine shells were documented, killing three civilians and injuring one

This detailed data is the sum we were able to document during the first six days of the invasion and does not include data on Friday, January 25,



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