To the Public Opinion

The Turkish media continues to disseminate false news during its invasion to our people and forces in Afrin. Among these fabricated news is the Turkish claims with Al-Nusra front about controlling Bursaya hill (Qastal) which is target by the Turkish invasion army since the first days of its attacks which were intensified after Erdogan’s declarations.
We emphasize that the reported news about Turkish control over the hill is incorrect. The case is that Turkish invasion army with Al-Nusra front are controlling over some parts of the hill after using all of the heavy weapons possessed by them, especially internationally prohibited weapons such as Napalm , cluster bombs and dozens of warplanes and Cobra aircraft which shelled the area the whole day long. In addition to tanks and artillery, as well as the recruitment of hundreds of terrorists organizations, especially Al-Nusra Front the Qaeda branch in Syria. The Turkish army with its allies tried to liquidate our forces in the area of Bursaya hill, which led us to redeploy our forces in some points and continue the resistance to regain the hill again.

Despite the use of these weapons, as well as the brutal bombardment of the region by the warplanes, Turkish invasion army failed to control the hill for two consecutive periods, as our forces clashed face to face with Turkish soldiers and their terrorist factions, causing dozens of deaths and injuries within their ranks.
We assure the public opinion and our people that the Bursaya (Qastal) hill is for our people and will remain so, and we our forces are still resisting there achieving the most glorious epics against the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist elements. We will resist until we regain all of points on the hill. Also we emphasize that the Turkish army resorting to internally prohibited weapons to make military progress after nine days of its invasion indicates to its deep despair and cowardice in facing our defending forces about Afrin.
Syria Democratic Forces Command in Afrin

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