To the public opinion

The Turkish invasion army has increased its brutality towards our peaceful people in Afrin using all kinds of weapons in indiscriminate bombardment of our villages and towns, They are not guilty of anything but because they are the inhabitants of Afrin.

The morning hours of this day (23/1/2018) witnessed the savagery of the Turkish invasion, whose predecessors did not distinguish between a civilian and a military. Their heavy weapon was targeted at the town of Jenderes, where civilians were the target of their hatred.

This brutal bombardment of the town of Jondiers has led to the destruction of civilian homes in addition to civilian casualties, including children and women.

The initial toll we have confirmed so far is the death of four civilians, two children and two women, as well as more than ten wounded.

This barbaric aggression expresses a terrorist mentality that is no different in nature from the oppressor. Therefore, we call upon the international public opinion, humanitarian organizations and human rights committees to expose and document these crimes and to expose the criminal perpetrators.



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