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Traffic police decorate the streets of Raqqa and restore life despite the destruction

In the context of the continuous progress in Raqqa and the return of life and the people to it, this return impressed the world and showed the strength and steadfastness of the people Raqqa , and their great patience to adapt to all the atmosphere and bear the suffering they have suffered and today after the expulsion of Daesh  the people of Raqqa continued their lives and continued to work and followed their lives and proved to the world that they The real people of tenderness and do not fear difficulties, crises and wars.

Today, the traffic police are deployed in the streets of the city to manage the traffic and organize the city and prevent traffic accidents on the intersections . The return of the Trafic to Raqqa is the title of the evolution and the life cycle as it was before.

During our tour of the city we met Mohamed Ali from the Department of Traffic Department of Raqqa . He said: Thanks to the efforts of the senior departments in the Traffic Department, Raqqa Traffic was established two days ago and currently there are no more than 25 items. In the coming days the number will increase further. (5) points in the city, in Saif Al Dawla Street, Dawar Al-Sinaa, Dawar Al-Saha and Bab Baghdad. These are the main points and the traffic density and at each point (3) elements at the present time to ease the congestion of traffic and in the coming days we will officially open the Center.

Mohamed Ali sent a letter to drivers to be careful in the city because of the density of the rubble, especially the small pieces of iron scattered on the side of the road for the sake of safety.


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