Turkish occupation aircraft bombard populated areas

The Turkish air raids in Afrin province focused on villages and towns in the Rajo area, Shihroa and Mount Lilon, overlooking Afrin, and the village of Ain Dikna in Shara district, while five civilians were injured so far..

A bomb squad of Turkish occupation army planes raided the Afrin district. The village of Mamula, Hjika and Jabal Bilal, known locally as Jabal Belil, were attacked in the Rajo area of Afrin district. The Turkish occupation army also shelled the foot of Mount Lilon overlooking Afrin.

While the Turkish occupation army shelled the vicinity of Robar camp and the north of the village of Aqiba, belonging to Shiraa of Afrin province, and bombed areas around the city of Afrin.

More than 5,000 displaced people live in the Rubar camp in northern and western parts of Aleppo.

Five civilians have been injured as a result of raids by the Turkish occupation army and are now being treated at Afrin Hospital in Afrin.


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