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Wefaq Organization graduated its first session in Ain Issa for kindergarten

For safe childhood and far from the atmosphere of war and terrorism practiced by the ISIS against civilians, including children, the Wefaq organization opened the first kindergarten for children in Ain Issa. The first batch was graduated today.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Civil Council, of Raqqa, the Education Committee in the North of Syria and a number of activities and a gathering of Ain Issa residents.

Ibrahim Quas, the manager of the Wefaq Organization confirmed that today a number of children who didn’t know reading and writing because of the conditions in the region were graduated. The course lasted about 3 months. Most of the displaced children in Ain Issa Camp who were able to finish their illiteracy and to read and write well.

Al-Quas added that there was an expansion of the safe childhood center in Ain Issa Camp.  10 tents will be opened to target all Ain Issa camp, to be targeted all who had no the opportunity to learn in the past years.

Quas said that orphaned children who lost a member of their family has the first class in learning in the Wefaq organization.

As for the students, Ahmed Al-Faris confirmed that when he came to the  kindergarten he did not know how to read and write and now he can read and write well, in addition to learning many things in life including literature, ethics, discipline and respect for others.

The child Sabah Hamidi Naha added that she benefited greatly from the Wefaq organization and gave a poem because she feels the suffering of children in the shadow of war, and she is very sad because today is the last day in the organization.

It is worth mentioning that the ceremony ended with the tears of children and teachers because they were one family and it was time for depart.



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