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Wide demand in various markets of Tabqa

Tabqa City is one of the largest centers of population in the countryside of Raqqa because of its important location on several trading routes linking to the Syrian North and its location beside the lake of Euphrates Dam and because there are archaeological sites and the development of the level of services which led to increasing human activity There are also many markets in Tabqa City. Each one has something special, which distinguishes it from the availability of certain goods in it.

These markets include the gold souk, the women souk, the vegetable souk , the industry and used clothes one, , car offices and others. Most of these markets are concentrated on both sides of the Wide Street Tabqa and Faiz Mansour Street. The owners of shops of Raqqa City contributed to the commercial activity in Tabqa City.

The Women Souk reminds us in Tabqa City the former al- Amasi Souk in Raqqa City where people opened shops on al- Amasi Street and continued their work here. This is also like to the rest of the markets of Tabqa because a large number of people from Raqqa and the eastern areas of Aleppo came to Tabqa City.

Tabqa markets are rich and various and they form an essential market for the people of the city and neighboring countryside to meet their daily needs The city’s markets were not affected by the return of the people of the city of Raqqa to their city It is noteworthy that the local administration has set up a plan that will be implemented this year to regulate these markets and moving the Hal Market and car offices to the outskirts of the city to decrease the jam that the city is experiencing.


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