HomedialogueWomen’s fabrics are brightly colored in front of shops in Raqqa city

Women’s fabrics are brightly colored in front of shops in Raqqa city

The day after the liberation of Raqqa  city, the colors return to the clothes after the color of death of the city, to come back to life with these colors and to go back to the stores of fabrics in bright colors.

Ahmed al-Jaradi, the owner of a shop selling women’s cloths, said that Daesh was preventing most of the fabrics from bright colors and dealing with most traders with the severity of the closure of the shop and the confiscation of the goods.

Al-Jaradi pointed out that among the fabrics prevented by Alkra(Type of fabric), this type of cloth was prevented in the textile shops and some of the types of perfume and pictures on the covers of clothes and on makeup and any pictures of women on cosmetics

Al-Jaradi continued, as it was previously, a difficulty in bringing goods because of the oppression caused by the organization and the siege that lasted months on the city.

 Al-Jaradi concluded today, preferably the Syrian Democratic Forces, which liberated us from the Daesh I bring the goods from Manbij and Tabqa  and I have no difficulties in bringing the goods.


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